Activos y concentrados

Actives and concentrates

In total we have 26 actives and 6 concentrates, with which we can create around 50,000 different combinations, which means we can guarantee that every skin type can be treated according to its specific characteristics and needs.

The active principles are the main core of a cosmetic and their activity determines its function and effectiveness. At Cremology we have a wide range including 26 active ingredients and 6 concentrates, with which it is possible to produce around 50,000 different combinations, so we can guarantee that every type of skin will be treated in line with its specific characteristics and needs.

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Chamomile, also called scented mayweed, is one of the most well-known plants that has been used since the olden days.Due to its content of essential oil and flavonoids, it has decongesting and softening properties; it has the capacity to provide a great feeling of comfort for sensitive skin; it also has purifying and refreshing effects. Chamomile, although it is especially useful for sensitive skin, is a natural ingredient that is suitable for all skin types, and is included in cosmetics to moisturise, purify and relax the skin.

Personalised cosmetic

Cremology is a new and revolutionary dermocosmetics concept based on the total personalisation of the product

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Home treatments

Our treatment provides a comprehensive care and includes a cream, a serum, an eye cream and a cleansing gel

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Salon treatments

Cremology offers also treatments at the salon to correct in a more intensive and efficient way your skin problems

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