Activos y concentrados

Actives and concentrates

In total we have 26 actives and 6 concentrates, with which we can create around 50,000 different combinations, which means we can guarantee that every skin type can be treated according to its specific characteristics and needs.

The active principles are the main core of a cosmetic and their activity determines its function and effectiveness. At Cremology we have a wide range including 26 active ingredients and 6 concentrates, with which it is possible to produce around 50,000 different combinations, so we can guarantee that every type of skin will be treated in line with its specific characteristics and needs.

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Collagen is a protein contained in the skin, which represents nearly 30% of all the proteins in our body.As it is found between the epidermis and the muscles, it plays an important role in keeping the skin taut and the muscles firm. In cosmetics, this active ingredient is used to nourish and stimulate the cells of the skin so they produce new collagen. Along with this nourishing, stimulating effect, which is essential, it also has a hydrating and moisturising effect; additionally, it re-establishes the internal hydration of the skin tissue, which improves the smoothness and elasticity of the epidermis and combats wrinkles.

Personalised cosmetic

Cremology is a new and revolutionary dermocosmetics concept based on the total personalisation of the product

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Home treatments

Our treatment provides a comprehensive care and includes a cream, a serum, an eye cream and a cleansing gel

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Salon treatments

Cremology offers also treatments at the salon to correct in a more intensive and efficient way your skin problems

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