Cremology diagnosis module

With the diagnosis equipment you can see what each client’s skin needs at all times and then you can use this information to design the ideal treatment: tailor-made for their skin.

With the Cremology diagnosis equipment you can see the needs of your clients’ skin at all times and, therefore, you can then produce customised facial treatments, to be applied at home as well as in the salon.

Benefits and values that make us unique:

  • In just one "corner" you will have around 50,000 different creams.
  • Distinct from the other companies in the sector.
  • High level of customer loyalty.
  • Personalisation as an added value.
  • Simple software that can be operated by any employee.
  • Permanent technical service.
  • Professional and technological image.
Cremology furnishing

The Cremology diagnosis module consists of:

Professional measuring device

Professional measuring device

Quickly and simply analyses the skin’s needs.

Touch screen computer

Touch screen computer
Customised Cosmetics Prescription software®

Based on the results of the diagnosis, it selects the ideal facial treatments for each person.



It dispenses a ticket which is given to the client, which registers the results of the diagnosis and the recommended facial treatments.