Yes, the diagnosis is made by a professional measuring equipment that doesn’t cause any harm to the skin
Yes; in fact, the treatment protocol explains that to obtain the best results the cream should be applied in the morning and at night. Cremology is a customised cream, and therefore it contains exactly what your skin needs.
Yes, the customised facial cream Cremology has a 15 protection factor.
Yes, Cremology has a chemical filter, that is, a substance that absorbs the ultraviolet radiation and transforms it into thermal energy, harmless to the skin. This substance only activates in contact with sun radiation, and, therefore, if it is not exposed to sunlight it stays inert; this is what happens when the cream is used at night or in places with no sunlight. Thus, the Cremology facial cream can be applied day and night, because if we’re not exposed to sunlight the filter will not activate.
Yes, since they are tailor-made treatments. Our products are suitable for all skin types as well as for men and women, because they adapt to the specific features of each skin.
If you have a dermatologic problem you need to consult your doctor about any cosmetic product you intend to use, regardless the brand or type.
Get in contact with the salon, pharmacy or clinic where you bought the product and explain your problem to them. They will inform our Medical Department about your case, so that they can analyse it and give you a solution.
It is indicated on each of our products with a simple pictogram. It varies from 6 to 9 months in general.
No, in fact it is very simple: all you need to do is pour the content of each phial one by one into the cream, and stir with the spatula after each one until you obtain a homogenous mixture.
No; the Actives and Concentrates suitable for you are selected by our software, based on the results of the analysis of your skin.
No; At Cremology we elaborate customised facial treatments, based on the results of the skin analysis. Therefore, you need to visit one of our points of sale to submit to the analysis and find out which treatments needs your skin.
In the “points of sale” section of our web page you can locate the salon, clinic or pharmacy closest to you.
Each distributor has freedom to set the retail price, thus, the prices can vary from one point of sale to another.
If you want to sell our products in Spain, you can get in touch with us by phone: 902 10 22 25 o by mail: info(a)
If you want to sell Cremology abroad, you can get in touch with us by phone: +34 902 10 22 25 or by mail: export(a)
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