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Home treatments: face cream, serum, eye cream and cleansing gel

At Cremology we have created a complete and effective facial treatment to be applied at home, which can be used to successfully, and in a personalised manner, treat all the problems that any type of skin can have, after first carrying out a digital diagnosis to analyse the skin. Our treatment provides complete care and includes a cream, a serum, an eye cream and a cleansing gel.

Crema Cremology, el concepto

Personalised face cream

The Cremology face cream consists of a base cream and four phials, 3 with Active ingredients and 1 with a Concentrate. In total we have 26 Active ingredients and 6 Concentrates, with which we can create around 50,000 different combinations, which means we can guarantee that every skin type can be treated according to its specific characteristics and needs.

Our customised cream is suitable for both men and women; and that’s not all, it also adapts to changes, in other words, to the needs that may occur over time and which obviously need to be treated because, using our personalised diagnosis system, we can detect these problems and then create the ideal cream for each person at all times.

Specific serums for your skin

Our range of face serums consists of 6 products with a high concentration of active ingredients that mean we can effectively treat the most common skin problems: dehydration, wrinkles, flaccid skin, red patches, …

To determine which serum to use we follow the same process: with the professional measuring device it only takes us a few minutes to get precise information about the condition and needs of your skin and, based on these results, our software chooses the ideal serum.

Contornos de ojos

Eye cream that takes care of your look

The skin around the eyes has its own characteristics that make it especially delicate and that’s why it needs specific products to treat it correctly. At Cremology we have created two eye creams that are suitable for effectively combating the main problems that affect this area: puffs, dark circles and wrinkles.

The ideal eye cream for each person is selected using our standard procedure, in other words, by analysing the skin in order to determine its needs.

Cleansing gel for all skin types

Cleansing is one of the most important beauty steps. It removes the dirt and dead cells that have built up on the skin over the course of the day, which is essential for keeping our skin clean and healthy. Therefore, it is an essential step before applying any treatment.

The Cremology cleansing gel not only cleans the skin in depth but it also keeps it hydrated. A face wipe is included with the product to comfortably wipe off any residue of the cleansing gel.

Our product has been designed for use on any type of skin, even the most sensitive skin.

Cleasing gel
Personalised cosmetic

Cremology is a new and revolutionary dermocosmetics concept based on the total personalisation of the product

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Salon treatments

Cremology offers also treatments at the salon to correct in a more intensive and efficient way your skin problems

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Actives and concentrates

In total we have 26 Active ingredients and 6 Concentrates, with which we can create around 50,000 different combinations

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