Crema facial - Cremology

A cream taylor-made for your skin

Facial hydrating cream SPF15

The cream your face needs

The Cremology customised cream consists of a base cream and four phials, 3 Active ingredients and 1 Concentrate. In total we have 26 Active ingredients and 6 Concentrates, with which we can create around 50,000 different combinations, which clearly guarantees that every type of skin can be treated in line with its specific characteristics and needs.

With a high concentration of active principles

The concentration of active principles in the Cremology face cream is up to 10 times greater than the most prestigious creams, thereby making it more effective and accelerating the results.

A customised cream that adapts to changes

Our customised cream is suitable for both men and women; and that’s not all, it also adapts to changes, in other words, to the needs that may occur over time and which obviously need to be treated. Using our personalised diagnosis system, we can detect these problems and then create the ideal cream for each person at all times.

A sunscreen that works only when you need it

The Cremology face cream contains a chemical sunscreen (SPF 15), in other words, a substance that absorbs the ultraviolet radiation from the sun rays and transforms it into thermal energy that does not harm the skin. This substance is only activated in contact with solar radiation and, therefore, if it is not exposed to sunlight it remains inert, i.e., at night and in places protected from solar radiation it is inactive.

One single cream for use during the day and at night

Cremology is a face cream that is tailor-made for your skin and therefore it only contains the active principles that your skin needs. Additionally, it is suitable for use during the day as well as at night because, despite it containing a sun protection factor, the sunscreen remains inactive if it is not exposed to sunlight.

Crema cremology

The Cremology face cream consists of a moisturising base cream with SPF 15 and four phials, 3 Active ingredients and 1 Concentrate.

The composition of our base cream guarantees that the inclusion of the active principles selected with our Customised Cosmetics Prescription Software® does not cause any type of incompatibility; furthermore, at it includes hypoallergenic perfumes, it can also be used by people with especially sensitive skin.

Presentation: 1 x 50 ml glass jar and 4 x 2.5 ml glass phials.

Open the jar of the base cream and pour the contents of one of the phials into the jar.

Use the spatula to stir the cream until it is fully mixed in.

Repeat these steps with each phial.

Important: Do not mix all the phials into the jar at the same time, as this could affect the end result.

Apply to clean skin, in the morning and at night.

Take a small amount of the cream, using the spatula to avoid contaminating the product with external agents and to keep the state of the cream intact.

Spread it gently, with your fingertips and using upward circular movements, over the décolletage, neck and face until it is fully absorbed.

  • AQUA
  • 2 BROMO
  • 1,3 DIOL