Cremology has now more than 100 points of sale

Cremology, the customised cosmetics brand from the Termosalud company, already has 100 points of sale, spread out over Spain and Portugal, which goes to show how well the product has been received by the professionals of the sector.

This innovative dermocosmetic concept is based on the complete personalisation of the product. In order to determine what each person needs, a digital diagnosis is carried out using a professional measuring device which assesses the level of sensitivity, hydration, elasticity, wrinkles, blemishes, oil and pores of the skin. Based on the results obtained, and using our specially designed Customised Cosmetics Prescription Software®, we select the ingredients to be included in the customised cream. In other words, it is not a matter of choosing a treatment from among the several on offer, but rather producing the right treatment to suit the client’s needs at all times.