Cremology Store

Cremology Store

A new business concept

Cremology key points

Customised treatments for use at home and at the salon.

The most effective beauty technology on the market.

Different and exclusive: unique concept on the market.

High level of customer loyalty.

High profitability.

Low investment in stock.

Attractive corporate image.

un espacio que combina tratamientos para casa y tratamientos en cabina

a space
that combines home treatments with salon treatments


Have you got the premises?

Look for premises measuring at least 50 square metres, in the centre of your city or in a shopping centre.

See the plan of a typical CREMOLOGY STORE

We will take care of the rest

There is still a lot to do, but you don’t need to worry. Cremology will take care of everything: we will organise the layout and interior design of the premises, we design and manufacture the furniture, we supply the furnishings, and also the marketing material which will make it easier for you to sell the products and services.

See specifications and details

An “all included” Cremology centre

A complete centre specialising in facial treatments that has fully separated work areas: a specific area for carrying out the skin diagnosis, another area for selling the products, and another where are beauty booths are located, which are equipped with the most modern and effective technology.

See fixtures and fittings