Cremology cab

Cremology Cab incorporates four beauty techniques with proven effectiveness which noticeably improves the already very satisfactory results of the salon treatments.

Cremology Cab lets you boost the effects of the salon facial treatments, as it incorporates four very effective beauty techniques: scrub, diathermy, radiofrequency and spray.

The combination of these techniques with the range of professional Cremology Pro cosmetics, along with our wide variety of treatments, guarantees optimal results and longer-lasting and more intense effects.

Cremology cab

Tecnología estética integrada

Integrated beauty technology

The four beauty techniques that Cremology Cab includes (scrub, diathermy, facial radiofrequency and spray) are integrates on a reclining, adjustable bed with an elegant, modern design that also includes a powerful magnifier with a light.

Pantalla táctil, software intuitivo e imágenes-guía

Touch screen, intuitive software and guide-images

The touch screen incorporated to the bed has very intuitive software with which you can manage in a very easy way the different aesthetic techniques.

In order to make its use easier, it includes images that display sequentially the correct way of applying the treatment.

Una gran variedad de tratamientos y resultados inmejorables

A wide variety of treatments

There are many varied treatments that can be applied with Cremology Cab, as a result of the combination of its aesthetic techniques with our wide range of salon treatments and the professional cosmetic line Cremology Pro. With all these tools you can easily adapt to your client needs and wishes.

The most effective beauty techniques in facial treatments: