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A particularly delicate area

The skin around the eyes has its own characteristics that make it especially delicate and that’s why it needs specific products to treat it correctly. At Cremology we have created two eye creams that are suitable for effectively combating the main problems that affect this area: puffs, dark circles and wrinkles.

Dark circles, puffs and wrinkles, the most common problems

Dark circles and puffs are, along with wrinkles, the most common problems in the area around the eyes. The first cause a darker colouring of the skin just below the eyes, making them lose their liveliness and giving the face a sad, lost expression; puffs under the eyes are due to an accumulation of liquids or an excess of fat under the eyelids making the area swell up.

Cremology eye cream

To combat these problems we have created two highly effective eye creams.

The ideal eye cream for each person is selected using our standard procedure, in other words, by analysing the skin in order to determine its needs.

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